July 2015


Kristie Baynard, MMaH President

Is July one of your favorite months for making memories with your family? There are the July 4th fireworks that all kids LOVE! Plus family vacations and maybe your little ones are old enough for their first ‘camp’. One of my favorite memories at the beach was how terrified Lilly was of it to the point in which she would practically wrap her legs around her head just to avoid being put down on it.

On the flip side of favorite memories, Lilly also got sick in July while on vacation. I would be remiss not to remind people to be safe. She was four at the time and sharing a salad with her made me feel for a bad week but it almost killed her. Understand that something your body can flush out could have a more detrimental affect to your little ones. I know it is a rare thing but you just never know what can happen when you leave things in the hands of others. Personally, I haven’t let my kids order a salad since that time two years ago.

Take lots of photos of your family vacations and share them with us in the next couple of newsletters. We’d love to hear of all the places you visited and your stories of parental triumph or fail. Think of fun stories similar to the Griswold Family Vacation! We all need a good laugh.

One last note – we are looking for an Activities Committee Co-Chair to split duties with Ashton. If you are interested in joining our awesome and fun board please let me know. Send me an email or text. We want someone that wants to be a leader and can help us keep the club moving forward. You can be shy, you can be outgoing. We don’t care. The board is a great mix of members that I think you’ll enjoy working with. Maybe you’ve been looking for the perfect chance to get involved. This is it. If you have any questions about what your duties would be please talk to Ashton or me. We look forward to having you.