August 2015

Kristie Baynard, MMaH President

Kristie Baynard, MMaH President

The final weeks of summer are upon us and we have a lot of fun activities planned to get you through to the start of school. One of our favorite events is the Back to School party, a potluck event held on August 20th at Memorial Park. A few of the other events are various play dates (messy, tie die, and swim), plus trips to the Nature Center, Hagerstown Park, and Greenbrier Lake. We’ve also got a few Mom’s Night Outs that I think many of you will enjoy! Check it out and put in your RSVPs soon!!

If anyone is interested in joining the Board we still have the Activities Co-Chair position open. Send me or Ashton an email if you want more information.

MUMC has started a program through the help of FMH to better educate our communities on various health topics. These topics range from cancers, breastfeeding, exercise, taking prescription medicines, Medicare, challenges with children’s behaviors, and so on. Diane Lowe, MUMC’s resident nurse, is encouraging MMaH to set up round table discussions with the nurse working with this program on any topics that are of interest to us. If there are any topics you would like to have discussed by experts in the field, send me an email and I will have that organized for us. I look forward to hearing from you so that we may take advantage of this very valuable resource available in our own backyard.

~ Kristie