September 2015

Kristie Baynard, MMaH President

Kristie Baynard, MMaH President

September is now here and for some of us we are trying to adjust to our new routines with the start of school. It was an emotional week at the end of August for some of you with the little ones starting their first day of Kindergarten. You got through it and how much fun is it to see our kids so happy and excited to go right back?! After I picked mine
up they wanted me to turn right around and drop them off again.

For others it’s going to be a difficult morning when you drop off your three-year-old for their first day at pre-school. It will be okay. I remember it vividly, and I remember tearing up and crying in the car. Do your best not to let your kids see it. My biggest piece of advice is to stay for as brief a period as you can and leave. Show your kids that you trust them, believe in them, and you think of them as big boys and girls. You have a lot to be proud of getting your kids this far. It’s time to watch them grow with the help of our amazing Middletown teachers.

With the start of the school year, I encourage you to do your best to get involved with MMaH and show your face to as many events as possible. If you are new to the club, put yourself out there and you will see friendships blossom. There are a lot of events to get you and your kids out of your house. For this month, you’ll see us take trips to different parks, hikes, a trip to the National Zoo, playdates at various local farms, and our stand-by Mocha Mom mornings. When it is time to rewind, we have two Mom’s Night Outs to consider, including a Fondue Night on September 11th and Dinner-and-a-Movie out on September 30th.

September 26th is Heritage Fest and our club will be in the parade, so I hope as many of you as possible will join us to represent our wonderful group. As part of our tradition in doing the parade, we throw out fruit snacks to the crowds and need to start collecting those. Please help us collect lots and lots of fruit snacks as I do know that it would be fairly easy for us to go through about 1000 fruit snacks before we even reach the end of the parade. We are also happy to take a monetary donation to help the club purchase boxes of fruit snacks. Happy September!!

~ Kristie